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Design and creation of digital and interactive publications

Content consumption is more and more digital, so for many users, tablets and smartphones have become the most common devices for looking up information and reading. Therefore, one of the most booming editorial formats is multimedia digital magazines developed to be consumed on multiple platforms.

Rich media content with interactive material like video, audio and animations that multiply the information possibilities offered to its users.

A decrease in costs of graphic production and distribution of the traditional paper publications.

  • Publications in interactive pdf format /classic pdf format but adding hyperlinks that make the document navigable as well as allowing the use of multimedia elements like audio or video.
  • Interactive digital publications (APPs) with a fully multimedia, digital and interactive approach offer a native digital format perfect to be used on multiple platforms (iOS, Android). They make floating elements, interactive ads, video and audio and motion graphics easier to use and also provide simple and efficient navigation that maximises the user's reading experience. In addition, it makes it possible for it to be distributed as a newsstand app from the App Store or Google Play.

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